Dan Sinker/now

I always have a lot going on, here's what I'm doing now:

I'm building and writing Question Mark, Ohio, with the novelist Joe Meno …

while also writing the indictment.fyi site and newsletter …

and shipping the Trying and Marginally Employed patches I made for you …

and helping run the Civic Media Fellowships at USC …

and actually being a fellow at the DePaul Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence

and hosting and producing the weekly podcast Says Who

and making merch for the Says Who Sticker Club

and wow that is a lot.

My most recent blog posts

A Man You Don't Meet Every Day, Remembering Shane MacGowan

I thought Shane MacGowan was unkillable. If he hadn't died by now, the logic went, with all the drinking and drugs and living harder than most, maybe he never would. HBut, of course, he did.

Let X Equal X

When I was younger I tried to build artist/musician/weirdo Laurie Anderson's tape-bow violin from a single sentence description. While I never got it to work quite right, it taught me everything I know about asking "why."

Year of the Living Dead

I wrote some thoughts on the lonely year that has transpired since Elon Musk took over Twitter.

Updated December 6, 2023. This page is inspired by @nownownow.