Dan Sinker

Hi There

I love building things that resonate with communities. I started making things when I was 19 years old and have never stopped. I've founded companies and organizations, run events for thousands of people, written books, hosted podcasts, crafted essays and articles, made art, and so much more.

I'm constantly trying new things at home in Chicago or traveling around with my wife, two kids, and our dog in the back of our Airstream travel trailer, Evangeline.

I'd love to hear from you, so hit me on Twitter or email.

Things I’ve done

From 2011 until summer 2018 I was the director of OpenNews, which helps make journalists awesome by facillitating community and collaboration. I am also the co-host of Says Who Podcast, a biweekly pod dedicated to helping people live through the current presidential administration and of The Hitch podcast, a travel podcast recorded in the back of my travel trailer.. I also make a lot of other stuff.

Previously, I have taught journalism at Columbia College Chicago from 2008-2011, was a JSK Fellow at Stanford University from 2007-2008, and was the founder and editor of Punk Planet magazine from 1994 to 2007. Punk Planet spawned Independents Day Media, which also published Punk Planet Books (with Akashic Books) and Bail magazine.

Recent Things

I do a lot, so here's the most recent things I've put out in the world.

Stuff I've Made

This list isn't definitive, but it's close.

  • The Hitch: A new podcast that follows me and my wife Janice as we pick up from a year of fighting cancer, buy a trailer, and hit the road. 2018-present
  • OMFG.church: Your one-stop shop (and one-page shop) for Pee Tape and Robert Mueller Prayer Candles. 2018-present
  • Pee Tape and Robert Mueller Prayer Candle Kickstarter: A Kickstarter to pray for an end to the Trump administration with Pee Tape and Robert Mueller III Prayer Candles. 25-day Kickstarter ended up being the most funded candle in Kickstarter history. 2018
  • Trump Poop Watch: A website to track Trump's visits to his own properties. 2017-present
  • SRCCON:Work: A conference from OpenNews dedicated to fixing newsroom culture. December 2017
  • Says Who Podcast: A biweekly podcast that's not a podcast, it's a coping strategy for living in Trump's America. Hosted with Maureen Johnson. 2016-present
  • Someone With Tiny Hands: A Chome extension I wrote that accidently caused Wired magazine to refer to Trump as "Someone with Tiny Hands." 2016
  • SRCCON: A yearly conference from OpenNews that brings together journalism-technologists for deep collaboration. 2014-present
  • Tacofancy: A github repository for object-oriented, collaborative taco creation. 2013-present
  • Mobile Judges: A site that formatted recommendations for Illinois judicial retention elections into a mobile site. 2012-2016
  • Source: A site from OpenNews that looks behind-the-scenes at the work happening in newsroom tech. 2012-present
  • CellStories: A site that published short fiction five days a week formatted exclusively for mobile phones before that was actually a thing. 2008-2009
  • Bail magazine: A quarterly magazine dedicated to the art and culture that grew out of skateboarding in the 1980s and 90s. 2004
  • Punk Planet Books: The book publishing arm of Punk Planet magazine, a partnership with Akashic Books. 2003-2007
  • Punk Planet Magazine: A music, politics, and culture magazine chronicling the fiercely independent culture of punk rock. 1994-2007

My Books


I write about culture, politics, and technology. Occasionally I freelance so get in touch. Here's a few pieces I like.


I want to come speak at your thing about the current state of journalism innovation, independent production, making things that matter or whatever else you'd like me to come talk about (I mean, within reason). I'm represented by the Chartwell Speakers Bureau so click through and get in touch.


I've appeared on TV, been written up in magazines and newspapers, done podcasts, whatever. If you'd like to get in touch to cover something I'm up to, feel free to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!

Drop a line

If you're looking for me, here are the best places to find me:

  • Mail: dansinker@gmail.com
  • Twitter: dansinker
  • Instagram: dsinker
  • Github: sinker