Dan Sinker

Hi, I’m Dan.

I'm a journalist, multimedia artist, designer, and maker who has built a life out of creating things that people love.

From a start in punk rock publishing when I was just 19 to working with some of the most impactful newsrooms in journalism, and from recording podcasts in my basement to to giving keynote talks around the world, I've done work that breaks new ground, resonates with communities, and amplifies new voices.

From tiny indie labors-of-love to multi-million-dollar projects, the connection between everything I do is a love for exploring new ideas and pushing the boundaries of the possible.

Three Things to Check Out

I've done a lot of things, but here are three I'd love for you to explore. I'm super proud of them.


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Let’s Chat

I regularly consult with organizations, people, and companies about how to build innovative things that connect with communities. And I give talks, moderate panels, and take part in events both big and small. I'd love to do something with you.

I also write for outlets like Esquire and The Atlantic and I'd love to do some writing for you as well.

More than anything though, I love hearing from folks like you. Maybe it's a work thing, maybe you just want to drop a line. Either way sounds great to me.

Go ahead and fill this out and I'll get in touch:

If you'd rather be in contact another way, you can always find me on the internet!

I can't wait to hear from you and to do some cool stuff together. It's literally my favorite thing.

Let's go.