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Hey, that page isn't on this site

If you've found yourself here, either something has gone sideways or you came here following a link to a post to my old Tumblr (which used to use this URL). Sorry about that, that's been a dead site for a long time, but occasionally people find there way here.

But since you're here, why not check out my blog, which is currently updated! Here's the last few posts from it:

30 Years of Punk Planet: Year One

30 years ago this month the first issue of Punk Planet magazine came out. It's incredible that one issue came out let alone 80 over the following 13 years. It started so small and grew to become my whole life. In honor of the 30 year mark, I'm writing 13 essays, one of each year of the magazine, starting with Year One.

Published on May 31, 2024

Building a Town that Doesn't Exist

This week I gave a talk at the 11ty International Symposium on Making the Web Real Good. It was about Question Mark, Ohio and about how the web is still a place of endless possibility. I've adapted the talk into a blog post for you.

Published on May 10, 2024

Three For Flinching

I ended the indictment.fyi newsletter tonight and I feel a little guilty about it, so as penance, maybe, or out of a feeling that if I've taken something out of the world maybe I should also put something back in, here's three things I've been particularly excited about lately. Here's three for flinching.

Published on Apr 14, 2024

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