#KnightMozilla heads to Berlin!

It’s been quite a year for the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership. So far, we invited anyone interested in tech, journalism, innovation, and information to take part in three design challenges. That call resulted in more than 300 ideas for how to bring the web and news ever closer together. From those ideas, 60 participants in a Learning Lab were pulled together, and that group got to hear from some of the best minds in journalism, programming, and the intersection of technology and information (you can hear from all of those people too, as all the lectures were recorded). It’s been a great few months—and it’s about to get even better.

From those 60 Learning Lab participants, 20 of the most promising have now been selected to travel to Berlin from September 26-30 to take part in five extraordinary days of hacking open tools for journalism. They’ll be joined by representatives from our five member newsrooms—Zeit Online, Al Jazeera, the Boston Globe, the BBC, and the Guardian—who will help with the hacking, and demo things they’ve hacked as well. Everyone’s excited—I personally can’t wait to see what we’ll all build together.

Attending in Berlin are:

We’ll have plenty of off-site communication channels set up as well, so you can follow along too. More info on that when it’s available!