OpenNews: Last week to apply, a look at the total Fellowship package

This is the final week to apply to become a 2015 Knight-Mozilla Fellow. The application closes at the stroke of midnight Eastern time, Saturday August 16.

The last few weeks, we’ve had our news partners and our current Fellows make the case for why YOU should apply to become a Knight-Mozilla Fellow.

Becoming a Knight-Mozilla Fellow is a thrilling opportunity, one that will plunge you head-first into the problemsets of journalism, and allow you to experiment and build compelling solutions. We tell our Fellows that they should “follow your passions” in approaching their builds and projects.

But those passions require time, and moving to a new city (Fellows live in the city their host newsroom is located in) requires real dedication. As a result, being a Fellow is an adventure, but it’s also a commitment: of thought, of talent, and of time.

At OpenNews, we recognize that commitment and work to live up to it by offering a generous stipend and significant supplements to it that reflect the needs of the lives our Fellows lead.

In addition to the $60,000 Fellowship stipend, we offer a series of supplements to help offset the cost of housing, healthcare, moving, and more:

  • Partner and Children: We know that not everyone that writes code is single. And we want your partner and children to share the adventures of your Fellowship with you. All of our supplements scale and adapt to your living situation. We even offer a supplement to help cover the cost of childcare.
  • Housing: Moving to a new city for your Fellowship is a big deal, and so we want to help by covering much of your moving costs as well as offering a supplement for your rent.
  • Equipment and Research: We want our Fellows to be ready to do write next-level code, and we know that sometimes means updating their equipment or doing deep-dives on research, and so we we offer up to $3000 as in our research and equipment allowance. On top of that, we give each Fellow $250 to cover domain registrations or server costs for their experiments.
  • Travel: Our Knight-Mozilla Fellows travel the world and we help to cover much of their travel. We even help to book it.

We want the year that you are a Knight-Mozilla Fellow to be amazing. We want you to make things that last long beyond your Fellowship year. We know that the first step on that is knowing that you’re taken care of during your Fellowship year, and we do our best to make sure you are.

The end of this week—midnight eastern Saturday night—is all that’s left to apply. Don’t hesistate: make the commitment to apply.