OpenNews: The Knight-Mozilla Globetrotters

With just three days left to apply to become a 2014 Knight-Mozilla Fellow, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the globetrotting our fellows get up to. While Knight-Mozilla Fellows work out of some of the best newsrooms in the world, they also spend a fair amount of time travelling to conferences, hack events, festivals, or even just to get together and hack.

This is a big part of the “choose your own adventure” aspect of the Knight-Mozilla Fellowships. We want our fellows to be able to dive deep into journalistic problemsets and to join the global community of people writing code to solve them. That means going to where folks are gathering to engage with them, run workshops, show off things you’ve made and collaborate on code together. As a result, our Fellows travel widely. Here’s just a fraction of the places our Knight-Mozilla Fellows have gone during their Fellowship year:

  • Tor Hackathon, Florence
  • Guardian Discovery Week, London
  • Journalism training at Al Jazeera, Doha
  • SXSW, Austin
  • Malofiej (Infographic World Summit), Pamplona
  • Eyeo, Minneapolis
  • Data Live, Dundee Scotland,
  • Big Data, Big Money, and You, NYC/Stanford
  • Webstock, New Zealand
  • BBC Connected Studios, London
  • Investigative News Iconathon, New York
  • NICAR, Nashville
  • inkLink, Budapest
  • Hacks/Hackers Argentina D3 Hackathon, Buenos Aires
  • International Journalism Festival, Perugia Italy
  • Second Cambridge Area Economics and Computation Day Cambridge, MA
  • BarCamp News Innovation Start-a-thon, Philadelphia
  • DataHarvest, Brussels
  • re:publica, Berlin
  • Governing Algorthms, New York
  • Periodismo de datos, Barcelona
  • IRE, San Antonio, TX
  • BBC Data Day, London
  • OHM: Observe Hack Make, Alkmaar, Netherlands
  • CryptoCat Hackathon, New York

In addition to these trips (and many more not on the list), we bring all our Fellows to “tentpole” events, like a group onboarding trip at the start of the Fellowship (last years was at the MIT Media Lab), the Mozilla Festival in London, the Knight-MIT Civic Media Conference, and the Hacks/Hackers Media Party in Buenos Aires.

Want to see the world while you change it? Apply to become a 2014 Knight-Mozilla Fellow. But don’t delay! Just three days remain to apply. At midnight, Eastern time on Saturday August 17th, the opportunity will close. So apply now!