Knight-Mozilla Fellowships: Year Three

imageIt’s amazing how quickly time moves. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was announcing that I was joining the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project. And it doesn’t seem much longer after that that we were announcing our first, then our second, round of Knight-Mozilla Fellows. And yet I’m rapidly approaching two years on the job, that first round of fellows are alumni, and the second round are well into their fellowship years. And today—though it seems nearly impossible in my brain—we’re announcing the opening of applications to become a 2014 Knight-Mozilla Fellow.

Year three of our Fellowships, which place developers and technologists with news organizations for 10 months of hacking, experimenting, and building new open-source tools for journalism, has an incredible slate of news partners, some returning and others new to the partnership:

This year we wanted to partner with an array of newsrooms—from the very large to the very small—and place our fellows with development teams that are both well established and just starting to grow in order to capture a broad spectrum of journalistic experiences, ideas, and realities. These partners will each play host to a fellow (Ushahidi and Internnews will be sharing one fellow), who will be able to dive deeply into journalistic problemsets with some of the best practitioners in the world.

While solo in the newsroom, fellows rarely work alone—collaboration is baked into the Knight-Mozilla Fellowships, both inside the newsroom, virtually (and often in-person) with your fellowship cohort, and with the the rapidly growing community of journalist-coders. The community of fellows—there will be 13 alumni in 2014—is another indispensable group for new fellows to tap into.

The Knight-Mozilla Fellowships offer visionary coders, data geeks, civic hackers, engineers, and technologists the opportunity of a lifetime: 10 months to write open-source code with impact, to travel the world, to engage in dynamic communities, and to create tools and projects that help the world to learn more about itself. This is an exciting moment in journalism, and you can be right at the center of it.

If you’re interested, apply. We’ve made the application really easy—just five quick questions and some links. There’s nothing stopping you except the calendar: You only have until August 17th to get your application in.