OpenNews: Learning is Go Go Go Go Go

imageIt was all the way back last summer when I first made mention of the OpenNews Learning project. The idea was to assemble some of the best minds in the journalism-code world to help create case studies around the journalistic problemsets that developers come across in the newsroom. The trick of assembling great people is that they’re in demand, and when you’re talking about journalism coders, trying to get a project going in a timeframe that included both the Olympics and the US Presidential Election, well… you’re going to want to find a new timeframe.

Which is why today, I’m absolutely ecstatic to announce that that timeframe has been found and it’s next week.

That’s right: starting next week, we’ll be launching OpenNews Learning as a new section on Source. It will be a regularly updated section of case studies that dig deep into the thinking, design, ethics and execution of code in journalism, written by the very people that know this world best.

Kio Stark, who’s heading up our learning team in part because she’s written the book on independent learning, writes more on her blog today:

OpenNews Learning works by example, through case studies written by a stellar set of journalist-developers, designers and hackers about projects they’ve worked on, describing the hairiest coding problems and hidden ethical issues they’ve come up against. You’ll find out how they solved them, and more importantly where they didn’t. You’ll see where there are opportunities to kick ass and take names to keep information free and make democracy more democratic.

Follow @source on Twitter for the final announcement of when we’re live, and get ready to learn some amazing things.