OpenNews: 24 Hours to Choose Your Own Adventure.

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series of books. If you’re familiar with them, you’re already nodding your head enthusiastically, if you’re not, it’s pretty simple to explain:

The books were written non-linearly, had multiple endings, and every few pages the reader was faced with a choice like this one, from "The Mystery of Chimney Rock":

If you run into the tomb to escape, turn to page 117.
If you scream for help, turn to page 118.

As a child, when your options in life are very controlled, the choices posed in the book’s pages were thrilling. Every decision, a new adventure.

As an adult, we certainly have more choices, but most of them lack the true adventure that lay inside the pages of those books. Except today.

Today, if you’re a developer, a hacker, a data geek, an open-web nerd, a technologist, a maker, or someone who defies easy categorization but builds amazing things on the web, you have exactly that kind of choice in front of you. Because today marks the final chance to apply to become a 2013 Knight-Mozilla Fellow. Saturday night August 11, at midnight Eastern Time, that chance ends.

As the current Knight-Mozilla Fellows explained last week, every day as a Fellow is an adventure. You are inside some of the best newsrooms on the planet when world-changing news breaks. You fly across oceans to hack new ideas with brilliant colleagues. You spend 10 months experimenting and creating open-source solutions to all sorts of problems. You make life-changing connections. You become a thought leader in the global conversations around the future of news.

You will have 10 months of adventures. But you have to make a choice right now, and that choice is to apply.

As I outlined earlier this week, by becoming a Knight-Mozilla Fellow, your adventure is covered by an incredible compensation package that doesn’t just give a stipend but helps with healthcare, childcare, housing, and even covers some equipment and all your travel.

You will have 10 months of opportunity. But you have to make a choice right now, and that choice is to apply.

As our news partners have been saying for the last few weeks, the opportunities to have a positive impact on journalism by bringing new ideas, new perspectives, and new solutions into the mix is massive. You may be embedded in New York City with the New York Times or ProPublica, in London with the BBC or the Guardian, in Germany at Zeit Online or Spiegel Online, in Boston with the Boston Globe, or in Buenos Aires with La Nacion. Wherever you land as a Knight-Mozilla Fellow, you’ll be working closely with some of the best journalism organizations in the world. But you’ll also stay connected to your fellowship cohort, building things together and making lasting bonds as you all work together to prepare journalism for a new era.

You will spend 10 months helping to shape the future of information. But you have to make a choice right now, and that choice is to apply.

So there it is: the choice is yours. You have until Saturday August 11th at midnight Eastern Time to make that choice.

It’s up to you to choose your own adventure:

If you decide to spend 10 incredible months traveling the world and hacking the news, turn to page 117.
If you scream for help, turn to page 118.