Typing Journalism Fatalities

Julian Koschwitz, an interactive art director based in Italy, created On Journalism #2 Typewriter, an installation that generates stories about all journalists killed from 1992 - 2011.

The data comes from the Committee to Protect Journalists and is fed from computer to typewriter where stories are written out on an endless sheet of paper.

Via Julian Koschwitz:

The individual stories are connected through common fields of coverage, places, professions and many other aspects. Besides the text the typewriter creates also images e.g. flags which are heavier distorted the more journalists got killed in that particular country…

…The software creates information graphics about the statistics in the data-set (e.g. how many have been killed in which country, which professions etc.) to connect them to the individual stories of the journalists.

“When we look at digital news what we see is technology, not the journalists who provide the news,” Koschwitz tells Journalism.co.uk. “This project is to remember the journalists who are the interfaces. It makes us aware of who is providing the news, who is risking their lives to give us a tweet.”

On Journalism #2 Typewriter, by Julian Koschwitz. Select to embiggen.