OpenNews: Four Weeks to Apply for the 2013 Fellowship!

In four short weeks, the opportunity to apply to become a 2012/13 Knight-Mozilla Fellow will come to an end. We’ve been getting applications from developers, hackers, data scientists, and engineers all over the world—Kyrgyzstan to Kenya, San Francisco to Santiago—but we want your application too.

The Knight-Mozilla Fellowship is a chance to spend ten months working out of some of the best newsrooms in the world doing open source development on hacks, experiments, and full-fledged projects that help to change the way news works. It’s a potentially world-changing (and definitely life-changing) opportunity to engage in the rebirth of journalism at the highest levels. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.

Write Kick-Ass Code

At the center of your Knight-Mozilla Fellowship is the code you’ll write. By being embedded with one of our 2013 news partners—the New York Times, the Guardian, the BBC, Zeit Online, Spiegel Online, the Boston Globe, ProPublica, and La Nacion—you’re in the room when news breaks, and are able to experience the deadline-driven development of the newsroom. In addition, you’ll be working on your own projects, experiments, and ideas—and sharing them in the open with the global open-source community.

See the World While You Change It

Knight-Mozilla Fellows are embedded around the world: In 2013, we’ll have fellows based in New York and Boston, London, Hamburg and Berlin, and Buenos Aires. In addition to their host city, fellows travel the world attending conferences and hack days, meeting new people, collaborating on code, and presenting their world-changing ideas to international audiences.

Become Part of the Solution

Journalism is undergoing massive change. While some see the end of an era, we see the opportunity for experimentation, for trying new things, and for reinvention. As a Knight-Mozilla Fellow, you’re right in the center of helping to chart exciting new directions for journalism.

Apply Now

The application to become a Knight-Mozilla Fellow is super lightweight—just 450 words spread over a few questions. We want to make it easy for you to toss your name in. The application closes August 11—so go for it: Apply right now.